Mika Molenkamp
Generalist Game Programmer
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Solve nonogram puzzles from a large collection of boards, or create your own and share them with friends.


A nonogram (also known as picross or griddler) is a logic puzzle where you use a set of hint numbers to fill cells on a grid, revealing a picture. The exact rules of the game are a bit beyond the scope of this portfolio; there are plenty of tutorials available online.

 About this game

Kupogram is an implementation of this style of puzzles: it offers you a collection of puzzles to choose from, and you can solve them on your own merit. Some helpful tools are included, like an undo/redo stack, automatic greying out of lines or hint numbers, and intuitive line-drawing. It also includes an editor mode where you can draw your own nonogram boards. The puzzle files can be shared with other people, who can then solve your custom puzzles.


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